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JPD Kalantidi Bros. Co

Welcome to our official site.

Since 1952, Kalantidi Bros Co, manufactures and exports dental equipment, offering on-time qualified maintenance services.

For more than 20 years, our firm has participated in numerous international exhibitions, exporting Greek know-how and assuring our national presence in big events in the field.

In addition, it imports high quality and latest technology equipment of dental offices and labs, made by the global leaders in the field.

Who we are ?

The official partner of 3Shape for Greece and Cyprus, of the world leader of dental scanners and CAD designing programming, covering the whole spectrum of removable and fixed Prosthetics and Orthodontics Tech.

JDP Kalantidi Bros Co, with their proposed solutions for digital intraoral scanner and shade guide, show the way in the field of Dentistry.

Our goal
is to offer to our customers quality information and assistance, through constructive partnership, continuous education and on-time support.

JDP Kalantidi Bros Co believes that people can set new targets and materialize their visions, against the new era challenges, by having proper logistics and technical support, targeted efforts and personal values.

JPD Kalantidi Bros. Co