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With the Intra-Oral scanner an increased output and an improved quality is achieved:  By  the removal of the conventional method of teeth impression, a dental praxis upgrade is achieved, as well as a greater comfort for the patients.

Additionally, by the quick, reliable and easy color dental measurement with the spectrophotometer, the digital color measurement and impression become a daily routine !

There are solutions complying with today’s digital era, for milling and 3D printing of temporary restorations chairside, as well as for the use of digitally designed surgical splints with 3Shape Implant Studio software.

As far as the furnishing of dental practices is concerned , our company JDP Kalantidi Bros offers solutions to every need for every space available, by combining high aesthetics and ergonomic work benches, in addition to making available reliable lab equipment to improve productivity. Furthermore, new generation consumable thermoplastics , and high quality CAD/CAM materials for patients are available.

Our company is continuously improving its services and it is always at the disposal of dentists for any information and assistance.


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