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Perflex T-Crystal
The revolutionary thermoplastic for all kinds of removable dentures, is repairable and relineable with any conventional acrylic: cold/hot cure. It is suitable for partial and full dentures, mini dentures, overdentures on implants, without the need of any metal framework to add stiffness to the appliance, since the material is rigid with a moderate degree of flexibility. In this way, it is allowing the user to create a master piece dental appliance with all given advantages.

T-crystal is easy to polish, like acrylic, smooth and very shine appliances are obtained. The adaptation by the patient is very fast and successful,while it is “dentists and dental technicians friendly” to polish and adjust.


Perflex Flexinylon
New grade of quality in nylon thermoplastics for flexible, non - allergenic appliances. Perflex Flexi Nylon is a light weight, unbreakable, extremely resilient high-performance thermoplastic material, that can be used for patients allergic to conventional acrylic restorations.

Partial dentures, flippers mini-dentures, night guards, TMJ splints, space maintainers, offering new advantages and performance, color stability, odor-less, with the ideal degree of flexibility.



Perflex Acryfree
Perflex Acry Free is 10 times more resistant against breakage than conventional acrylics, lightweight, translucent and natural.
Designed to high level of Aesthetic results, hypoallergenic and biocompatible, providing life-like dental appliances that virtually disappear inside the mouth, since Acry Free is injected into the flask, the final result is a very precise restoration, more retentive and more comfortable for the patient.

Acry Free can be repaired and relined with all acrylics hard/soft, cold/hot or by the same material itself by injection molding systems.

Perflex Acry Free is sold in a variety of color shades: Standard Pink, Light Pink, Purple Pink.


Perflex Acetal
Quality new grade of rigid - elastic thermoplastic compound for aesthetic dental appliances and tooth shade clasps by injection molding systems.
It can be used to create: Frameworks, clasps, space maintainers, Crowns, Bridges, Night guards and other appliances in combination with metal frames or with our line of thermoplastics and conventional acrylics.
It combines flexibility, stability, comfort, durability, high impact and excellent resistance to abrasion, low water absorption and high color stability. It is biocompatible, monomer free, bacteria and stain resistant.
Easy to polish and easy to clean.

Perflex Acetal is sold in a variety of shades: A2, A3, A3.5 and pink.


Perflex Biosens
Biosens is a hypoallergenic thermoplastic, offering all the advantages of acrylic, with none of the drawbacks. Its rigidity allows thin, precise and comfortable results, while its low weight, perfect elasticity and 0% shrinkage during processing, makes it fit correctly, immediately after inserting dentures.

Over time, this material remains virtually unbreakable and can easily be repaired and relined chairside using conventional acrylics.

Repairable and relinable with hot or cold conventional acrylics and composites. 



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