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SpectroShade™ Micro is the answer to your dental colour measurement and testing needs.

SpectroShade™ Micro recognises colours as they really are. The patented SpectroShade system uses a digital camera connected to a LED spectrophotometer.

With the SpectroShade™ Micro, the measured spectral data analysed are not influenced by the lighting in your studio or by any other environmental conditions affecting vision.

SpectroShade™ Micro reads the colour of the tooth and indicates the closest available chromatic standard for reconstruction. It calculates the numerical difference between the natural tooth and the selected colour in terms of brightness, chroma and hue, providing the laboratory with comprehensive information to facilitate its work. SpectroShade™ Micro can analyse and identify the colour of a tooth over its entire area. Images and spectral data can be saved on the SpectroShade™ Micro and transferred to a PC via USB, Wireless LAN or SD CARD, and sent to the laboratory in real time by e-mail or in CD-ROM format.



Easy to use: in a click it acquires more than 2 millions of information for each image

Quick to use: each acquisition requires less than 1 second

Complete and exhaustive communication

It saves the images in a patient database

Based on an objective reading of the chromatic spectrum of the teeth and crowns

Immediate link to all the existing ceramics standards

Portable: 900 grams




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